Life in High School

I wanted to write more about my academic experience in high school. At school I still have an IEP. All throughout school my Mom has always gone to the IEP meetings to help ensure I get all the services I can. Now that I am 16 I get to have input into the IEP.

As part of my IEP I get to go to special classes and learn how to do things for myself like laundry, washing dishes and balancing a cheque book. The school is also helping me to figure out post-secondary education. Since I love electronics and wiring they are helping me get into computer classes. I also get together with other aspie teens from other schools and we do group outings. As part of my IEP I also get to work on my social skills, some of the other kids at school get to help me with this part. I think this helps them to understand me more and why I am the way I am.

Not only do I get social skills help from school but also from contact Hamilton. This is another government service offering transition supports. I get to attend social groups and receive social stories on things like how to talk to my friends. The social stories help me to know what to say in social settings and what I shouldn’t do or say.

All in all I have had lots of helpful services in my education. My social skills are improving and my peers are becoming more accepting of me.

Here is the website for special education in the school board:

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