Aspies can go to university

Graduation is coming up and I’m feeling pretty scared about standing in front of the whole school to get my diploma. I’m pretty glad high school is over though because it is hard. My grades got bad at first because it was really hard to concentrate with all that noise in the class. The teachers made us sit in groups, work on group projects, and sometimes do presentations. That really freaked me out. I used to get in trouble for taking breaks when class stressed me out and being late after avoiding the busy hallways. Gym class was the worst. Not only did I have to play sports on a team I couldn’t even play as good as the other guys. That is why I got super mad at my mom for insisting I try out for the basketball team. She said ‘all boys love sports’ but I told her that is not true and that she couldn’t force me to join things that I wasn’t interested in. After that I started coming home late from school and telling her I was hanging with friends so she wouldn’t worry as much about me making friends. My computer teacher used to let me stay in the computer lab until 4 o’clock. He showed me how to sign up for facebook and suggested I add people from my class. I didn’t know that they would accept me as a friend but they did and that is how I started talking to a girl. We talked a lot on MSN and facebook messages. I asked her out on a romantic date but she said that no one goes out on romantic dates in high school you are just boyfriend and girlfriend. I don’t know how to be boyfriend and girlfriend so we just stay friends mostly over the internet until I figure it out. My mom tried to tell me what to do but she was the one who told me about romantic dates so I’m not listening to her anymore. My mom still asks about that girl but we are just friends mostly on MSN. Chatting with friends online is a lot easier than at school because it is just typing words and I don’t have to figure out if they are joking. When my friends are joking they add smiles and winks and stuff and that makes it easy for me to know.
My grades got better in the past few semesters. My mom is really happy. She says she always knows I am smart it’s just a different way than other people. Now I get to pick most of my classes so of course I pick the best ones. The principal and teachers know me so they let the lateness and the breaks slide as long as I don’t take too long. My computer teacher says I could go to university so I asked my mom if I could. She wants me to go and live on campus somewhere not too far but I might look into distance education if I can find one that is for computers. Living in a different city and house doesn’t sound like fun at all. My teacher helped me apply for some grants for aspie students like me so I can get some money and my parents don’t have to pay for everything because he says it is expensive. Hopefully I can do classes from home but I have to check. I didn’t know that school had fun stuff not just hard stuff. I wonder how many aspies know they can go to university.

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